Roof Repairs in Barnsley & Surrounding Areas

If something has gone wrong with your roof, the window to have it made right quickly and inexpensively can be very short – sometimes you only have until the next rain. It can be tempting to let it go for a few days “It’s just one cracked tile” you might think. “What could happen?”

The truth is that even a single cracked, broken or fallen tile can be the start of a great deal of water damage. If that happens you could be looking at thousands of pounds for a new roof. And who can say how much to repair water damage inside the home? Once an older home starts having trouble with damp, it may never be the same again.

Minor Roof Repairs

We’ll be happy to come round and inspect any minor damage or suspected damage, and offer a professional assessment backed by more than 16 years of experience and tradition.

Minor problems include lost, damaged or cracked slates or tiles due to wind or simple wear and tear, leaks of flat roof sections – often over garages kitchens or other extensions, or failure of the lead or other barrier protection where new roof sections meet the old.

These are ‘minor’ repairs because they can be dealt with quickly and easily, not because they can be ignored. Make sure you call Greenleaf Roofing as soon as you spot trouble, or see anything that gives you concern about your roof. We can often take care of minor issues the same day, possibly long before any permanent damage is done.

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Major Repairs

If your roof needs major repairs, odds are you already know all about it. Lost tiles, wind damage or other ‘small jobs’ left too long can result in major water damage to the roof or to your home. Water stains on the walls, or worse, drips from the ceiling during heavy rains tell you that something has indeed gone very wrong.

Sooner or later, every roof needs to undergo major repairs. Of course, the more you spend when the roof is put on, the longer you’ll go before it needs to be dome again.

Call Greenleaf Roofing right away, and we’ll do a thorough inspection and let you know what you need to set things right. No matter what you choose, you know we’ll do the job right, using the correct materials and the techniques we’ve mastered over 16 years.

Roofing to Match Your Home, Your Style, and Your Budget

You’ll have your choice of roofing materials and styles with Greenleaf. Whether you have a pitched or flat roof, whether you prefer slate, tiles, shingles or any other material, Greenleaf Roofing can help.

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