Re-Roofing Services in Barnsley & Surrounding Areas

We’ve been serving the roofing needs of the Barnsley area for nearly two decades, and we’ve put in quite a few new roofs in that time. The Yorkshire climate makes heavy demands on a roof, and we’ve seen how well a properly fitted roof can withstand it. We’ve also had to make things right after someone else’s work didn’t stand up to the test.

Natural Slate Roofing – Classic Appearance, Modern Performance

Slate has been the roofing material of choice in the region for centuries. Not only is it an all-natural product – with all the sustainability and carbon footprint advantages that implies – it does an absolutely cracking job at deflecting the worst storms the UK ever sees.

We use only the finest materials and ensure that the slates are fitted so as to last as long as the roof itself. You have a wide range of colour options, and we even offer a few reclaimed slate choices for a truly ‘classic’ look and a much more sustainable mode of construction.

Just call us at the number below, and we’ll arrange for you to see what we have to offer. No matter what you decide on, we’ll fit it properly.

Slate roof

Tiled Roofing – Performance, Durability and Looks (You Can Have It all)

There are a staggering number of choices in roof tiles these days. From traditional fired clay to concrete, flat plates to interlocking curves, or even ultra-modern materials like artificial slate, we can source it all for you, and at very reasonable rates.

Give us a call today, and we’ll arrange for you to see the different options and styles available. We source only the most durable, long-lasting and effective tiles, no matter which roof you fall in love with. You can be assured that we’ll fit each with the skill and care necessary to make your new roof last a lifetime.

Roofing to Match Your Home, Your Style and Your Budget

Putting on a new roof is an expense, to be sure, but it is also an opportunity! Making the right choice of style, colour and materials can add substantially to the actual value of your home.

No matter what type of roof you chose, you can rest assured that Greenleaf Roofing will supply only the best, lowest maintenance materials and will rebuild your roof to the finest standards. We aim to make sure this is the last new roof you’ll ever have to buy – on this property anyway.


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Greenleaf Roofing proudly serves the Barnsley & Yorkshire. We have over 16 years of roofing and roofline installation and maintenance experience, and we’d love to add you to our list of satisfied customers! Just call us Today for a free quotation. We’ll be happy to answer all of your questions, and help you choose the right products for your home, your style and your budget.