Maintenance-Free Roofing in Barnsley & Surrounding Areas

Greenleaf Roofing has provided high quality, reliable, maintenance-free roofing solutions to homes and businesses throughout the Barnsley area for nearly two decades. Make no mistake – Yorkshire weather makes heavy demands on a roof, and we’ve become experts on choosing the right kind of maintenance-free roofing for every application.

What is Maintenance-Free Roofing?

In essence, it’s s roofing solution that doesn’t rely on setting tiles in mortar or affixing individual shingles to roof decking as in traditional roofing solutions. They typically fall into a few types, such as ‘dry verge’, ‘dry ridge’ or ‘dry valley’ systems.

A dry verge system, for instance, starts with moulding a waterproof, breathable membrane to the roof itself. Extra care is taken to ensure that it is applied properly to every ridge union or structural irregularity. Each tile locks onto the one above it, physically adding to the structure without piercing that watertight membrane. The ridge tiles are all individually secured to the roof structure as well.

The final result is a roof that never loses tiles to heavy winds, never leaks and is often guaranteed for many decades.

Each maintenance-free roofing system is unique – they are usually proprietary to a particular manufacturer – and require a different set of skills to use properly.

This is where Greenleaf Roofing’s strengths come to bear. We never use contractors, and all of our builders, fitters and repairmen are fully trained, in-house employees. We know they have been fully trained with every roofing system that we supply, and will install it properly every time. In fact, we’ve staked our reputation to that!


How Long Does a Maintenance-Free Roof Last?

As each system is unique, each comes with its own guaranteed leak-free, maintenance-free period. We’d be happy to help you compare them on that basis. However, a properly specced, designed and fitted roof can be expected to last decades longer than its guarantee.


Roofing to Match Your Building and Your Budget

Maintenance-free roofing is not an inexpensive proposition, but it is an incredible investment in any property. Knowing that the roof is guaranteed for a long period adds to the resale value of almost any home, and gives businesses or other organisations the certainty they need that there will be no unexpected expenses – at least from that direction.

No matter what type of maintenance-free roofing system you chose, you can rest assured that Greenleaf Roofing will supply only the finest materials and will fit every piece to the highest professional standards. We aim to make sure this is the last new roof you’ll ever have to buy – on this property anyway.

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