Guttering in Barnsley & Surrounding Areas

Guttering, along with fall pipes, fascias and soffits, are all categorised as ‘roofline’ products’. Greenleaf Roofing sells and fits beautiful, durable roofline products, giving you everything you need to keep your home as warm, dry and beautiful as when it was first built.

Good Guttering Means a Healthy Roof

Nothing is more important to the maintenance of your home’s roofline than a good, dependable, low maintenance guttering system! The purpose of a roof is to keep you warm and dry, after all, and the purpose of guttering is to keep the rainwater that roof sheds from damaging the roof itself or soaking into the walls of your home. Modern, high-flow systems even resist becoming blocked by moss, fallen leaves and debris that would otherwise have to be cleared by hand.


Modern, Low Maintenance uPVC Guttering Options

There have been many different kinds of guttering systems over the years. Lead was used long ago, then less toxic materials like steel and copper. Of course, these were vulnerable to corrosion. Aluminium is popular today, though it tends to be fragile and prone to unsightly denting. It has always been rather expensive as well.

In the last few decades, advances in modern, UV-resistant uPVC guttering have allowed homeowners to put up the kind of ultra-low maintenance guttering systems they’ve always wanted at a fraction of the expense of older systems. Modern uPVC guttering is surprisingly affordable, even for very high end systems. The models Greenleaf Roofing carries are ultra-efficient, and their seamless, streamlined internal surfaces resist the build-up of sediment. They resist the growth of mildew, moss and similar substances. Fallen leaves are efficiently screened from blocking your downpipes.

What this means for you is that you rarely have to have them professionally cleared (or to expose yourself to the risk of getting up on a ladder yourself).

Better still, uPVC is an incredibly durable material. It is resilient, standing up to impacts without denting or shattering. A long lasting UV-protectant is mixed in with the material itself, preventing the brittleness that plagued older plastics after a few years. Better still, modern uPVC comes in a wide range of colours, so it will match the colours of your home and roofline materials perfectly without ever fading or needing repainting. Of course, the surface takes paint extremely well, so you can easily change the colour if you choose.

Guttering to Match Your Home, Your Style and Your Budget

You’ll have your choice of guttering styles, of course. Most homeowners today prefer the high efficiency half-round guttering styles, but more traditional square guttering options are available in the same ultra-modern materials and offering the same incredible durability and ease of care.


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