Fascias and Soffits in Barnsley & Surrounding Areas

Fascias, soffits guttering and fall pipes all fall into the category of ‘roofline’ products’. Greenleaf Roofing specialises in all roofing and roofline products and services, ensuring that your home stays as warm, dry and beautiful as when it was first built whether it is 5 years old, 50 or 500.


A Fascia is the vertical surface at the very edge of some roofs which caps and protects the rafters inside. It is where the rain gutters attach, and is a key feature to keep water, wind and runoff from the gutters out of the interior of your roof space.

Fascias do more than make your roof look good, though. If your fascia goes, your roof will soon follow! When water or even excessive moisture creeps into your roof’s structural areas you can be in for expensive, time consuming and inconvenient repairs. Extensive or prolonged water damage can necessitate the replacement of your rafters, and that generally means an entirely new roof. That’s not a casual repair for any home owner!



Soffits are the finished underside of a projecting roof. They stretch from the edge of the external wall to the fascia at the edge of your roof. Their function is very similar to that of the fascia.

They keep wind, rain and weather out of the functional, structural parts of your roof, especially the rafters.

Modern fascias and soffits can be made of wood, aluminium (or another non-corroding metal) or uPVC.


Soffits and fascias

Modern, Durable uPVC Fascias and Soffits

One of our most popular roofline products is modern, low maintenance uPVC Fascia and Soffit Board.

Wood may be the ’classic’ material for fascias and soffits, but it isn’t really suited to the Yorkshire climate! No matter how carefully it is maintained, it eventually succumbs to water damage and needs to be replaced. Metal surfaces are durable but unattractive in the long run. Paint tends to peel off of metal roofline materials, exposing a patchy, grey surface.  That’s why most homeowners prefer sturdy, attractive and low maintenance uPVC soffits, and often have these installed at the same time as their uPVC fascias

The real selling point of uPVC fascias and soffits is their low requirement for maintenance. Essentially, uPVC is a nearly ideal material. It is non-porous and heavily resistant to rot, mould and mildew, yet forms a solid, dependable and sturdy mount for your rain gutters. It takes paint beautifully, and is literally indistinguishable from ‘traditional’ wooden fascia or soffit boarding.

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